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We have two types of plans designed to meet your needs,
Smart Value Website and Smart Video Website

Smart Value Website Plans - These plans are designed to provide an excellent online experience at an attractive price.  The sites are "Smart" where they automatically identify the device being used to view the website, and adjust the content for optimal display on the device.  Smart website plans include image galleries, contact forms, and flipping photo books or menus.

Smart Video Website Plans - Thes plans have everything present in the Smart Value Website Plans, but are designed to provide the best possible online experience, by integrating video content into the website.  Visitors no longer have the click through your website to get the message.  Visitors can watch the video(s) to get the information they need.  The Smart Video Website Advanced Plan also includes the development of TV and Radio ads for true multi-channel marketing.  This is the best value for anyone considering TV or Radio advertising.  

Smart Website Plan Detail and Pricing

​Forbes Magazine - Why you need a Smart website now

This article from Forbes Magazine tells you why you need a responsive website design now!   Read the article...

​What Leading companies Know...

These leading companies know Smart Website Design works!  All of these brands have moved to a Smart Website  Design.  They truly understand the benefits of Smart Website Design, and are strategically positioned to move forward with their respective digital strategies.  They know companies need to move to a Smart Web Design for the following reasons:

  • Better User Experience.   Instead of shrinking text and images to fit to the screen and maintaining their original structure, Smart Web Design lets your site move and bend and fit into the frame provided, giving your users a site that is easier to read and navigate.

  • Staying Ahead.   Not many sites currently utilize Smart Website Design. By making your site Smart, you will stay ahead of other businesses who do not want to invest in this technology yet. People are starting to catch on and experts say that by the end of 2014, almost all websites will be Smart to keep up with the growing number of mobile phone and tablet users.

  • Staying In Business.  Without a Smart Website, you are losing customers and losing money. People buy more products online now than they do in stores. Why go out in the cold or the heat and waste gas when you can sit at home and have your products delivered to you? By not having a Smart Web design, you are not catering to a large portion of your potential market and in the process losing money and business.

  • Google Says So.   If you ask Google’s Developers and Webmasters, they actually recommend using Smart  Website design due to the benefits it will give you. It will consolidate your site so you do not need a separate mobile URL, giving you one easy to manage site.

  • SEO Value.   Maintaining a desktop friendly site and a mobile friendly site means duplicate content which Google hates. By having one Smart Website, anyone can access the same content on any device and it will look great no matter what the screen size is.

The Responex Difference

  • From a unique, one page design or multi page platform our talented design teams will create a beautiful, Smart, mobile friendly website that fits your business needs. Our clients enjoy our easy process which includes, beautiful designs, a turnaround time of 3 days for most sites, and affordable plans.

  • All our plans include website design, hosting and support. We also offer content management systems and e-commerce sites with all the tools your business may require. We are here to help your business grow and provide an online marketing strategy that works.

  • We also offer affordable Website Software Maintenenace Plans that allow our customers to make affordable changes to their website over time.  Our design and implementation work is normally $70 per hour, but with one of our Maintenenace Plans, you can cut the rate down to as low as $35 per hour (a 50% savings).