Marketing Campaign Management - Field Media

Field Media Channels

Never underestimate the power of traditional channels.  They still represent a big opportunity to influence buying decisions and build brands.  Just watch TV or listen to the radio.  You will continue to see and hear messaging to sell products and build brands in these channels now, and in the future. 

RESPONEX Marketing mix model

Street Team Marketing

Street Team marketing is defined as a group of people who 'hit the streets' promoting an event or a product.  First used in the entertainment industry, this promotional tool has been adopted industry-wide as a standard item in marketing plans by corporate brand marketers, new media companies, and direct marketers worldwide.  Brand, product, service, and event connections are stronger when customers or prospects receive a physical item such as a CD, sticker, or postcard.  With Responex, the person delivering the item talks about the event, product, and/or service, and the connection is amplified, leading to stronger campaign results.

  • Responex's capabilities include street team selection, training, management, and payroll processing.  We take care of everything needed to launch and run a successful street team program.  We also handle the development of all  required creative materials, including flyers, posters, attire, and any other items required to make your campaign a success. 
  • Responex executes high impact, buzz-generating programs on a national level.  Our solutions are client-specific, and our role varies based on the specifics of each program.  We provide the management and staffing of local, regional, or national street team campaigns.  Our extensive nationwide roster and advanced sourcing capabilities enable us to create a team that is  specifically selected to fit our clients’ unique program goals and reach their target market.


Merchandising is the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at the proper time through organized, skillful advertising, using attractive displays.

  • Responex takes pride in delivering the ultimate experience at your store or event.  We know that each scenario requires a unique approach, and we have acquired a variety of assets, tactics and strategies that allow us to create successful merchandising solutions.

Sampling & Demonstration

What better way to introduce a product to consumers than by allowing to taste, feel and experience the product firsthand?  Product Sampling and Demonstration Programs allow for just that – the ability to place product, samples, coupons, etc. into the hands, pocketbooks, inboxes and shopping carts of your most desired consumers.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with product messaging, especially in the day and age of smartphones and digital media.  With Product Sampling, you can extend your message by putting the product directly into the hands of the consumer.  Product Sampling Programs enable brands to create excitement around their products and eliminate risk for the consumer as they need not make any investment when trying a free sample. 

Publicity is more effective than advertising, for several reasons. First, publicity is far more cost-effective than advertising. Even if it is not free, your only expenses are generally phone calls and mailings to the media. Second, publicity has greater longevity than advertising. An article about your business will be remembered far longer than an ad.  Publicity also reaches a far wider audience than advertising generally does. Sometimes, your story might even be picked up by the national media, spreading the word about your business all over the country.  Finally, and most important, publicity has greater credibility with the public than does advertising. Readers feel that if an objective third party-a magazine, newspaper or radio reporter-is featuring your company, you must be doing something worthwhile.​

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping and dining is a tool used internally by companies to measure quality of service, and to get specific information about products and services at the point of interaction with the customer.  The mystery consumer's specific identity and purpose is not known by the store or restaurant being evaluated. Mystery shoppers shop or dine like a consumer, and they perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way.  Afterward, they provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences to the company.

  • RESPONEX will implement a Mystery Shopping program to capture feedback about your operations.  The feedback can be tied to an event like a new product or service rollout, or it can be tied to general customer service.  Responex will handle all aspects of the Myster Shopping campaign, including staffing and reporting.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing and advertising today.  Many organizations have difficulty understanding how to integrate live events into their marketing mix to create meaningful customer relationships that generate measurable business results.  Successful event marketing requires significant knowledge of the varying operational demands of staging live events combined with a complete understanding of event operations and logistics. 

  • RESPONEX will prepare an event plan that integrates into your overall marketing strategy and plan.  We will handle all creative, staffing operational and logistical needs associated with the implementation of the plan to ensure product and/or brand consistency and success.